Remix ‘Between’

This friday October 27, Sonicterror Recordings will be launching a remix competition for end.user’s track ‘between’ from the recent ‘shut down’ EP.
To enter, go to and download the stems (individual audio tracks from the song). Load those into your DAW and create your own version of the track using ONLY sounds from the provided sample kit.
Feel free to distort / chop / stretch / mangle / destroy the samples in any way. My only request is that you don’t import new samples or use other synth sounds of your own. You can do a lot with any single sound — cut it up, transpose it, add sustain loops, effects, etc.
Once you’re happy with your mix, simply upload it to a soundcloud account & email us the link or wetransfer it to the email address ‘’. If you use the soundcloud method – please make sure that downloads are enabled.
Submissions are due Friday, November 24. The remixes will be judged by a team at Sonicterror.

Download the files here:

Between Remix Stems


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Competition Prizes:

1st Place: Winner’s remix will be released on the upcoming “Shut Down” remix EP (digital) with other artists on Sonicterror recordings. Other artists on the EP include Stazma the Junglechrist, Submerged, Monolog, Ars Dada, NLIC & Velos. 1st place also receives a full Sonicterror merchandise package (Hoodie / Tshirt / Vinyl) as well as the back catalogue in digital format.
2nd Place: Full Sonicterror merchandise package, full digital discography of Sonicterror recordings & end.user Vinyl & CD package.
3rd Place: Sonicterror Tshirt, Full digital discography of Sonicterror recordings & end.user

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